*MEDITATION: How to Strengthen Kundalini
By:F.R.R. Mallory

Kundalini is a term used by the Indian culture to mean a coil. This coil is visualized as wrapping around the spinal cord of the person. From this coil emerges an unconscious and instinctive force represented as corporeal energy. Kundalini is frequently associated with specific types of yoga or meditation, although the essence of kundalini is not limited to a particular practice. Strengthening kundalini is often the objective of both yoga and meditation as an attempt to better control emotions, chaotic thinking and confused sexual impulses.

Identify your chakras and where they are located in your body. The chakras are seven points on your body where energy is focused. The first chakra is at the perineum; the second is 3 inches below your belly button; the third is above your navel; the fourth is in the center of the chest; the fifth is in the throat; the sixth is between the eyes; the seventh is on the crown of the head. Practice visualizing one chakra at a time during meditation or yoga. Focus your thinking on your relationship with your chakra and the elements of the body associated with each chakra.

Meditate by opening your mind and thinking so that your active thinking process or mind chatter slows down as slowly as possible. Mind chatter is when the mind thinks ahead to what you want to do, or thinks back on what happened earlier in the day, week or year. Meditation as a practice is a technique to focus your attention inward on the mechanics of how you think, move and feel so that you become more aware and present.

Move energy through your chakras. Relax and breathe deeply so that you can feel energy, or chi, moving. The sensation often feels like an itchy heat. Note how the area of a chakra becomes activated when your emotions rise. The easiest chakra to feel is the solar plexus, which is 2 or 3 inches above your belly button. When you are angry, your stomach may feel tight. As energy rises, you may also feel hot.

Pay attention to how each chakra opens and closes during the regular flow of your day and how you may be closing down your energy flow when you are in situations where you feel physical resistance or conflict. To strengthen kundalini, the channels where the energy flows need to be cleaned out and opened to allow the energy to pass with the least resistance.

Strengthen the movement of kundalini by learning to breathe in through the third chakra. By visualizing during the meditation and breathing process, the mind can use the movement of breath to move and strengthen the flow of kundalini. Inhale clarity of mind, an opening of the heart, and an appreciation for all humanity. When you form these intentions, the foundation of the energy coil gets stronger.

Work on yourself to focus, center and express your spiritual energy. Systematically identify issues and areas within your that create internal resistance. These can be negative thinking, poor nutrition, inadequate exercise, the lack of sympathy and empathy for others and other similar concepts. Work on improving and removing these forms of resistance so that your spiritual energy is not diverted and reduced by internal and external conflicts.