Make Your Own Meditation CD
By:Erick Kristian

Meditation is a very beneficial practice and is tremendously practical as well as relaxing. Meditation CDs can be guided or simply instrumental, depending on the purpose of the CD. Most people who meditate have a specific objective or intention for their meditation. Meditation takes the consciousness of the individual deep within their own mind, into the subconscious and the deepest layers of self. A guided meditation CD can help with this process.

Define the purpose of the meditation CD. What is the aim of this CD? Is it for relaxation, connecting with a deeper part of the self, healing, visualization or breathing? What meditation technique will be used? The purpose of the meditation must be clear before it can be recorded.

Open an audio recording and mixing program. If you don't have one installed on your computer, Cool Edit Pro is an excellent free program.

Decide on the length of the meditation. Standard audio CDs are 72 minutes long, so an hour is a good length to aim for. Create a new track with the desired length for the meditation.

Choose background music, if desired. Ambient or nature sounds are a good choice; soft, flowing instrumental music is also advised. Music is not necessary, but many people enjoy it. Import these tracks into the audio file that was created in the audio editor and arrange them to loop or fit the length of the recording.

Record the guided meditation using the computer's microphone. Start by relaxing the body part by part, relaxing the mind and breath, or any other relaxation technique. Then record the desired meditation or exercise. Once the tracks are recorded, insert them into the mixer, adjust the volumes and arrange. Loop the audio tracks so that they repeat.

Listen to the whole recording once through, and make any necessary edits. Export the file as a .WAV or .MP3. Burn the exported audio file to a CD and enjoy.