*MEDITATION: Short Raja Yoga Meditation

Raja Yoga meditation involves numerous mental exercises, all designed to help you form your own realities. Through the repetition of prayers or mantras, Raja Yoga guides the conscious mind which in turn positively effects the subconscious mind to promote emotional and energetic well-being.

Practice the daily mental exercises of Raja Yoga. Perform at least 15 minutes of Raja Yoga meditation each morning to have positive energy throughout the day. You can repeat them any time you like.

Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Breathe slowly and deeply, allowing your body and mind to be still. If other thoughts come as you meditate, allow them to come and go without judging or focusing on them.

Repeat to yourself, "I am a soul at peace. M mind is peaceful and I send my peace into the world. Waves of peace flow across my mind. My still and silent mind, and my soul is peaceful, and my soul is loving. I free my mind from worry and it is light. My true nature is peace, and I am a shining light of peace. Light and peace surround me and I share it with the world as I journey towards self discovery."

Feel free to change the words. Repeat them several times for about 15 minutes, either mentally or out loud. Incant them anytime during the day that you feel stressed, angry, frustrated or uncentered.

Complete your daily Raja Yoga meditation by stating to yourself or out loud, "My soul is peaceful and today I will send that peace to each person I see."