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Fascinating topic: Muslim Spiritualists
Type of site:Muslim Spiritualists - Peace through Reform!

SPIRITUALISM is an 'Ilm' or 'Knowledge', which has been gained by communication with the Spirit World. We only seek the teachings of the highest and best in the Spirit World, who tell us the importance of Love, Peace, Harmony, Kindness, Healing and Service to others.

The old 'Ilm' of 'Ro-hany-iah' (Spirit Awareness) is a central part of Islam, but has been suppressed into secrecy by modern Muslim Scholars; the exact opposite of what is needed!

Muslim Spiritualists see no distinction between a person's earthly Gender, Ethnicity, Age, Wealth, Education, Abilities or Disabilities, 'Fiqh' or Religious creed, as we are all just Spirits within Allah's vast Creation.

A Muslim Spiritualist is a sensitive person who loves Allah, but Questions the Teachings of the Muslim establishment: Much that is written in Islamic textbooks about 'Life after Death' and 'Gender' is not authoritative; communication with Higher Spirits proves this!

Note from the editor: Great quote on the Spirituality page of the site: "Knowledge can be a Wall to Love and Light! When knowledge satisfies, the heart closes!"