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24-hour source of support on the telephone, by email, by letter or face to face
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Our services:

Samaritans aims to benefit society by improving people’s emotional health in order to create a greater sense of well being. Apart from being a 24-hour source of support on the telephone, by email, by letter or face to face, we also work in the local community, visiting:

Samaritans provide a wide number of courses to businesses, helping staff deal with customer conflicts and internal issues. Courses include our award-winning WorkLife programme tackling stress in the workplace, and teaching effective communication via email.

Schools are an ideal setting to reach large numbers of young people from a range of backgrounds. Samaritans DEAL programme is a flexible series of resources for teachers to use in a number of different subjects.

Samaritans offers a number of ways for prisoners to get the support they need, from volunteers visiting prisons to the Listener scheme, which trains prisoners to offer confidential emotional support to their fellow inmates.

Workplace Training courses:

Specialist Communication Skills
Effective communication through listening and questioning skills
Handling difficult contacts
Handling difficult contacts through email

Emotionally Challenging Situations
Working with people who self-harm
Managing suicidal contacts
Handling traumatic events (New for 2009)

Tackling Stress
Tackling stress in the workplace
Distance learning
WorkLife CD-Rom for Managers - Tackling stress in the workplace