International Mediums and Healers

Derek Robinson / LAD Promotions
Based in London, we promote Clairvoyance Workshops & Psychic Demonstrations Worldwide

My name is Derek Robinson, I am the honorary vice President of Wimbledon Spiritualist Church and Manager and Promoter of Clairvoyant shows.

I wish to contact promoters and other like minded persons regarding tours and Psychic demonstrations all over the World, especially in Canada and the USA.

LAD Promotions was founded 1982 by Derek Robinson, Doris Stokes and Gordon Higginson. Our aim is to promote the knowledge of Survival After Death. Also incorporating United Spiritualist Confederation Ltd. Promoting Clairvoyance, Seminars and Workshops.

If you would like to arrange some Spiritualist churches or centres for the Clairvoyants I represent, then please contact me. All mediums are available via Wimbledon Spiritualist Church.