International Mediums and Healers

Rev Anna Beveridge and Glenda McLeod
Canada - New Westminster, B.C. <ubsc.ca@gmail.com>

Rev Anna Beveridge
Her healing certifications include four levels of the Federation of Healers Certification Courses, qi gong healing, pranic healing and acupressure therapy. She has practiced hands-on spiritual and distant healing for twenty years with many wonderful validations and results. She has been an instructor of healing both at the ISA and other locations for the past twelve years. Her background and experience demonstrates her natural love for people and working with spirit.

Rev Glenda McLeod
Reverend Glenda McLeod is very well qualified in many disciplines of spiritualism and metaphysics. She holds a number of healing certificates, including Advanced Spiritual Healing, and is a Reiki master. Glenda managed Soul-Quest, her own studio in Maple Ridge where teaching, healing, and workshops were mainstays. Glenda has many years of experience as an instructor and group leader.