International Mediums and Healers

Sandra Park

I feel both humbled and privileged to have the ability of serving the wonderful world of Spirit as a medium. I know there are many people who use the word gift instead of ability…for me the gift is in the joy and healing, and quite often closure that a recipient gains when their loved ones communicate through me to them.

I am the human equivalent of a telephone, and have been so all my life.

I have always known there are other life forms around us, when as a child I always felt a strong but gentle presence with me. A presence that I came to realise was guiding and protecting me (as much as was allowed in order to maintain my free will) and comforting me throughout a difficult childhood. This presence was that of the Celestial and Spirit Realms in the form of my spiritual guides and angels, who have been with me every single day. The experiences I had in my youth have granted me empathy when meeting children who are not acknowledged for their sensitivities and awareness of other beings, and the many issues that can manifest through this knowing. These experiences also gave me a deeper understanding and knowledge of how to help both the children and their parents, as it was often the parents who contacted me in desperation for answers as to why their child was telling them about the conversation they recently had with their grandparent, or other loved one, who had passed over.

I spent 15 years as a holistic therapist, working with the mind, body and spirit, assisting people with their healing and in finding their truth. People from all walks of life and from around the world who were guided to me, seeking answers as to who they really are, and is there really life after death?

I serve with the Spirit and Celestial realms in successfully running circles, meditation and awareness groups, and trance demonstrations which enables knowledge, philosophy and evidence of eternal life to be shared through the loving word of Spirit.

One of the many joys of serving the wonderful world of Spirit and Celestial realms is the extensive travelling I have been guided to do in order to give evidence of eternal life. I have met so many beautiful people in Denmark, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Caribbean, mainland Spain, the Canary Islands and throughout the United Kingdom, who found peace in hearing from their loved ones in the world of Spirit.

The evidence I receive from Spirit may be through private readings, serving churches, or at clairvoyant meetings.

Blending as one with the loving energy of the Spiritual Guides and Angels who patiently serve me, I serve with love and integrity to help people find their truth.

A truth that has transformed the lives of many.

Know you are wonderful and I send you much love.

For more details visit my website at www.spiritualised.net and my blog at www.spiritualised.net/blog