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Re: Objective Clairaudient Problem: Camouflaged Sound
Date: 30 September 2017

I also hear the voices externally. I hear a conversation between several people. I just know they are wealthy, well dressed socialites from the 1890's it's a woman and 2 men. Their clothes are crisp white and they are sitting in the sun on a patio right off the main restaurant. She has a fancy hat cocked to one side and red hair that's in an up do. The men are in crisp white outfits but their appearance is not so clear. The two men have brown hair and look very similar in appearance. They have played tennis. They are both giving the woman their full attention and she is very animated, coy and chatty. She knows she has their interest in her. I can hear them having a conversation. I don't hear it in my head I physically hear them chattering on happily. I can't make out exactly what they are saying. It just right on the edge of my earshot. They have no idea I'm listening and are not trying to communicate with me.

The second thing I hear is a radio announcer for the 1930's era. He is chatting on and on and in my mind I see an old wooden radio with his voice coming out and I ear music also from that era. That's when I will hear too many voices talking to me at once. I can't make them all out. I tune them out and will just keep listening to the music. There is some kind of semi heated debate going on with the radio show announcer and several of the voices. I don't hear any of this in my head I physically hear it. If I move around the intensity will change and I will switch to different back ground conversations. All the while hearing the 30's uptempo music coming out of the radio.

I didn't know that I had a psychic ability during this. I don't know what I thought about it. I didn't even think that far ahead. I just was so focused night after night on listening to the music and their chatter just out of earshot. I did this for a few weeks and stopped listening since then when I hear the most guttural, evil black thick heavy voice I had ever heard. It was pure evil. It said my name loud and sharp like it was right on my ear. I knew it was evil and was going to use me in some way. It was almost like it was mocking me. Like it was here and there was nothing I could do about it. My friend and I were on the phone and he heard it too about 10 minutes later it said his name. It really scared me. I felt unsafe after that. I had felt unusually safe and drawn to my house before. Since that happened I haven't let myself hear the talking and music again. I have been struggling ever since then with an unending series of losses and I have never felt so beat down by life. I have a spark and fire in me and for the first time I'm tired of. I'm losing my inner fight.

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