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A spiritual answer to trichotillomania
Date: 23 January 2017

Just in case someone could point to some spiritual/soul* answers (not psychological):

Trichotillomania – an “impulsive control disorder” according to Wikipedia – makes people pull out their hair. In my case, it started when I was 12: I was just sitting on the living room sofa, watching one of my favorite TV programs, when I started pulling my eyelashes. I don’t remember any trauma at that time except that my father was very ill and angry about being ill.

The first decade was the worst, but after another decade, I started to be able to control the compulsion. It remains to this day, but it is under control and does not really bother me. I read about it of course, but what I read (from psychologists, psychiatrists) does not answer my question: Is there a spiritual reason why, specifically, I feel a need to pull hair? Why not bite my nails instead? Is there a symbol attached to pulling hair, like eradicating something?

If you ever got some answers or hints from a past life regression or from a meditation or even from a reading, as to the soul origin of this compulsion, please click on the link above called "Reply".

*PS: I believe that all illnesses are illnesses of the soul: they trickle down to the mind and to the body, but the real sources are in the soul.

Thank you.

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