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Objective Clairaudient Problem: Camouflaged Sound
Date: 9 December 2016

I am writing in the hope that you might be able to help with information regarding the spiritual gift of Clairaudience.

Perhaps the best approach would be for me to give a brief outline as short as possible to explain my involvement with Clairaudience.

I am a spiritualist of over thirty years and although I no longer attend the church's I still hold fast my beliefs. I have been privileged to witnessed through my own mediumship (mainly on my own) many spirit materialisations and direct voice.

This next paragraph is essential in explanation and without meaning to be derogatory but I no longer attend the church's because of certain attitudes aimed at me because of being gay. On one occasion while sitting in an open circle and the time came for the resident medium asking sitters to pass on any massages received to the other sitters. When the medium reached myself and friends he simply waved his hand at us saying we won't bother with them and of course I was shocked and offended. He was obviously sensing our identities. I only mention this fact in case you may be wondering why I don't attend church anymore and seek their help.

Since the age of sixteen I have been experiencing an extremely low audible sound in my right ear that seems to manifest itself half in and half out my ear this was accompanied by the materialization of three spirit people from the time era when people wore top hats. The entities would stand as if talking to each other and from time to time would glance in my direction. Regarding the sound in my ear it is best described as if someone is talking with their hand over their mouth making it virtually impossible to discern what is being said. Over the years I have often requested evidential information to confirm that I am indeed listening to the voices of spirit and on a very few rare occasions evidence was received and given to certain people which was confirmed. One of these individuals was the then editor of the Psychic World News paper Judith Chisholm. Judith asked if I would try there and then while on the phone to her to see if I could hear any voices linked to her. After a few moments a male voice ( very difficult to hear) said his name was Rudolf, I hesitated to pass this on because it was near Christmas. Eventually I said I can hear a mans voice saying Rudolf. Judith sensed my hesitation and said she knew why because of the fact it was near Christmas. She then followed with quote " now you didn't know that I have a brother that died and his name is Rudolf and the reason you hesitated is because its near Christmas and the song Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer is being played a lot in shops to which I agreed".

Present day the voices have increased in volume only slightly but the camouflaged sound of their voice remains the same. Personally I am convinced that there must be a problem in the area of spiritual mechanics preventing spirit from producing a clear and audible sound of their voices. One interesting fact is, when I go to bed and on waking in the morning the voices are gone, but as soon as I pay attention to this fact, I then gradually hear their voices slowly start to manifest once again in my right ear. The sound is consistent with the flow of someone talking when we tend to stop and start as we formulate the next sentence in our minds.

I wonder if you might know of a clairaudient medium that hears the spirit voice as an audible sound that would be willing to contact their spirit friends on my behalf to see what my clairaudient problem is. I know it is a long shot but I am so desperate for help and guidance.

I have contacted various Clairvoyant mediums over the years seeking help and I would receive the same answer each time, informing me that spirit will clear the way when the time is right, and some mediums seemed not to understand when I explained that the voice was an objective and not a subjective voice, audible and physical in every sense of the word, just as real and the same as when someone listens to a voice on the radio. Their constant reference to the Clairaudient ability of hearing the voice in the mind convinced me that they were unable to understand the description of my own personal Clairaudient experience. I am fully aware that Clairaudience is a mental psychic/mediumistic ability. I am now sixty three and I would have thought that what ever the problem is, it would have been resolved long before now over the span of forty odd years, and so it is this conviction that makes me believe that perhaps the problem may lay in the area of Clairaudient spiritual mechanics. It dose seem that perhaps what ever the spiritual frequency being used is out of alignment.

My long time hope has been that spirit would correct the problem and then use the Clairaudient gift to help people in proving survival. But alas I fear that I will be over their side long before anything is achieved .

Any information you can give would be most appreciated. Please click on the link called "Reply" above to submit your reply. Thank you.

Best wishes

David (UK)

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