Help Needed

Looking for materials about Gordon Higginson: Videos, audios, photographs, addresses, articles, etc
By:Martin Twycross at gordonhigginson.co.uk
Date: 16 July 2009

The web site gordonhigginson.co.uk - dedicated to preserving Gordon Higginson's memory and teachings - was recently featured in the 20th June 2009 issue of Psychic News - See Launch of a new website devoted to medium Gordon Higginson.

I am seeking the following information for inclusion on gordonhigginson.co.uk (where suitable), for my project to preserve Gordon's teachings and as background research about Gordon:

> Video recordings of Gordon (whether on DVD, video tape, camcorder tapes such as VHS-C, Hi8 etc., or cinefilm)

> Audio recordings of Gordon (whether on cassette tape, reel to reel tape, CD etc)

> Photographs of Gordon (as photographs, scans, slides, etc)

> SNU Presidential Addresses and New Year Messages prior to 1990

> Cuttings or articles about Gordon from Psychic News prior to 1975

> Articles by Gordon Higginson from Two Worlds magazine

> Written teachings/handouts produced by Gordon

> Transcripts of Gordon's Lectures

> Serialised course of articles on "How to Read the Aura" written by Gordon and published in the Spiritualist Gazette (SAGB) in 1974

> Copies of Two Worlds Magazine from 1965 to 1994 to review

If you are able to provide any of the above, I would be extremely grateful for your assistance. I am more than happy to cover postage costs and to provide cleaned digitised copies of any recordings provided.

To contact me, please click on the "Contact Page" of gordonhigginson.co.uk

Thank you.