About Healing

How to Heal an Aura
By:Shannon Fry

An aura is a field of energy that is believed to surround the human body. Healers, clairvoyants, yogis and sages sometimes claim to see these auras. There are many ways to heal your aura, such as yoga, exercise, diet, meditation or with the help of a healer. Healing your aura can bring back emotional balance and harmony to your body. It can help relieve negative energy and stress, improve your positive energy flow and help you feel grounded. You must desire to heal your aura for a healer to help you release negative energy.

Begin an exercise regimen. A healthy aura is linked to a strong pulse and low resting heart rate. By staying fit and active, you increase your body's ability to heal and protect itself from illness. In turn, this can improve the health of your aura.

Go outside and allow your body to soak-up sunlight. The sun has healing properties that can invigorate your aura. Breathing fresh air and feeling the sun helps your body to release emotional stress. Sunlight also contains Vitamin D and in moderate amounts can prevent some types of cancer.

Eat healthy, whole foods and remove sugars and fast food from your diet. Healthy eating habits strengthen the aura by maintaining your physical health. Do not overeat or eat out of boredom, but consume just enough to calm your hunger. Gorging yourself and overeating creates a weak aura and toxic body.

Meditate to connect your mind and soul. Meditation can clear your aura, relieve stress and help you become more balanced. Meditation does not need to take an hour. Take five minutes during your day to sit quietly, undisturbed and concentrate on your breathing to release stress. If you are religious, you can also use this time to reflect on healing prayers. Sit in a comfortable position, away from all noise and distraction, with your eyes closed and take deep breaths in and out through your nose. The longer you meditate, the less stressed you will feel, and the more it will cleanse your body, soul and aura.

Seek the help of a yogis, healers or sages. These clairvoyants can help you perform a deep aura cleansing. They typically assist in moving your aura and help pull away any bad energy. You must be a willing participant for the healing process to work.