About Healing

How to Heal with Pendulums
By:Linda Donahue

Pendulums used for healing can be made of many materials, but the most commonly used are crystals, with either a blunt or pointed end. Although any type of crystal can be used and typically is when using the pendulum for divination purposes, for healing some prefer to use a crystal made of an appropriate chakra stone. This isn't necessary but may help with the energy (or chi) cleansing of the particular chakra area. Use whatever crystal you are most comfortable with.

Choose the crystal you wish to use. If choosing for a chakra, you might, for instance, choose adventurine or rose quartz (or any green or pink crystal) for work with the heart or heart chakra. Remember that the chakras are associated with colors. If not working with a chakra healing, any crystal will work.

Hold the pendulum over the area you wish to work on. So, if for example, you wish to heal the heart, hold the pendulum over the heart. Now invoke a desire (a wish or command) for the heart to be healed. Some crystal healers invoke their desires directly from God or from some beneficial angel or helper.

Let the pendulum cycle to cleanse and heal. It should spin counterclockwise while removing bad energy. Afterward, it spins clockwise to replace the area with good energy. It may take 15 minutes for the pendulum to complete each cycle.

Repeat this process every day until you are feeling some of the healing benefits.