About Healing

Reiki Healing Methods
By:Grace Covelli

"Universal life energy" is a type of energy that is channeled through the hands of a reiki practitioner. It is also the meaning of reiki. In 1922, a Christian minister by the name of Dr. Mikao Usui brought this once-forgotten practice back from obscurity, and it was through the channeling of universal life energy into a recipient that reiki healing on all levels was made possible. Reiki healing methods differ; the method used depends on who, or what, reiki is being used on and whether the receiver of it is present.

Reiki on Others
Reiki is commonly performed on people who want to boost their healing capacity. When a reiki practitioner administers reiki to someone, she first washes her hands and then places them on the person, or she holds her hands slightly above him. She may wave her hand over her client to "smooth out" a person's "energy field," or aura, and she may seal the energy in at the end of a session. Reiki symbols may also be drawn in the air to increase the effectiveness of reiki. A reiki practitioner will typically start at the head of the person receiving the treatment and work her way down to the soles of the feet. The hands may also be placed on the body's "energy centers," or chakras, to open them and restore them to balance.

Distance Healing
Distance healing is a method that can be used to give reiki to someone who is not present. This method of reiki is sometimes performed with the help of a stuffed animal or a picture of the one who is to receive reiki. Reiki symbols are first drawn over the stuffed toy or picture or imagined to intensify a reiki session. The person receiving the reiki is often pictured in the mind of the reiki practitioner as being happy and healthy.

Reiki on Yourself
Reiki is just as effective when used on yourself. This method allows you to see firsthand how reiki works. When giving reiki to yourself, place your hands directly on your body. You will feel the energy going into your body from your hands.

Reiki on Plants and Animals
Plants can be treated with reiki by cupping your hands around the plant. Three minutes of reiki is enough for an immature or diseased plant. When the plant starts to recover, the length of the reiki session can be increased. Animals are treated with reiki using the hands-on or hands-off method. One of the two methods is chosen on the basis of how the animal will react. Of course, if there is a chance that the animal being treated may bite or cause harm, the distance healing method is preferred.

Reiki on Food
Placing the hands over food for 2 to 3 minutes can enhance its nutritional quality.