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Witnessing Harry Edwards' Healing (audio and text)
By:Roy Jones

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Witnessing Harry Edwards' Healing

Consequently my girlfriend [Nora] became my wife. She was a trance medium. And I just used my gift for healing. I took a course in Britain; it was in the Church and this was part of when we went to Harry Edwards'.

And we saw... first there was a lady who was brought in a wheel chair - it was the old fashion wheelchair she had. She couldn't walk at all and her hands were all twisted and she could not move her feet at all. She was talked to by Harry Edwards. And he had such a soft caring voice. And he put her right at ease because she was scared. He took her hands and you could hear the bones cracking as he loosened them. And she could not move them at all. You could hear the bones cracking… He put his hands on her knees and he worked them and it is as if his hands were going into the joints and massaging and loosening them. He was such a good healer. And such a soft spoken beautiful gentleman.

And that was the reason I came in to Spiritualism: It was through my experience with the epilepsy and with going down to the Harry Edwards sanctuary in Shere, Surrey, UK. And I never regretted it.

- Can I ask about this lady... did she leave...?

The lady walked out with walking sticks. And I don't know what happened to her because I never kept up with that because I left his sanctuary and I went back and I used to give healing through the church. I gave my power to Nora. We went to many, many circles. I did not want to develop. I just wanted to help Nora. Because she suffered from asthma very badly all her life.

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