About Healing

How I do healing (audio and text)
By:Roy Jones

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How I do healing

With me, I place my hands on a person. I have always done that. That's the way I was taught many, many years ago: It was to place the hands on the shoulders.

And then I would leave it up to Spirit: My hands would just go to wherever needed.

I had many, many people tell me they felt so much better after the healing. I know that people have improved that have had cancer.

And there is one gentleman who I used to work with in - I was a psychiatric nurse - I worked at the hospital. He got a cancer, it was a cancer of the lymphatics and he went through a course of medication and he felt better. But he kept relapsing.

And I have been giving him absent healing* - "absent" because he does not believe in it.
And I know he is much better because we go out together now, and I just know it.
That's just one of many.

*Note: The healee is not present in the room where the healer performs the healing.