About Healing

Reiki Distant Healing: How to heal other people and animals without being in same physical location
By:Rhonda Campbell

Reiki practitioners work with universal or spiritual life energy. Because the healing involves spirit, the training can be done effectively through distance learning. The therapy aids in the balance of spirit, body and mind by treating and opening the body's seven chakras.

Reiki 1 Attunement
Reiki distance learning consists of three levels. Sets of four to five compact discs (CDs) and accompanying manuals are included with typical distance learning kits that can be purchased from organizations like Reiki For the 21st Century, Kundalini and Dragon Rising for $45 to $80. The first level of the training covers Reiki 1. Longest of the three levels, Reiki 1 includes four attunements that open you up to the life essence. Through the training you will study the history of Reiki, how to create a sacred Reiki space and about mind and body correlations. You will also focus on cleansing negative energy and toxins from your body. An instructor's voice will guide you through the distance learning while you listen to the CDs.

Reiki 2 Attunement
Typically you will let 21 days elapse after your last Reiki 1 training before you begin the distance learning course for Reiki 2. During the intermediate 21 days it is important that you continue to practice self-healing exercises to continue to cleanse your body. Reiki 2 deepens your spiritual awareness and brings you more in touch with your authentic self. Reiki hand positions and symbols will be accompanied by illustrations and diagrams to increase your retention of the information.

Master Level
The master distance learning training teaches you how to heal other people and animals without being in the same physical location that the other person or animal is in. You will learn how to visualize auras, use crystals and deep healing techniques to help open your or someone else's intuition and remove deep energy blocks. The master level will help you to remove old negative thoughts and emotions that are stored in your unconscious mind so your physical and energetic bodies can heal and return to a balanced state. You can complete the training at your own pace over the course of several days.

Chakra Balancing
Reiki focuses on balancing the body's seven chakras: the throat, root, crown, brow, heart, solar plexus and abdomen. The brow or third eye chakra is one of the most widely known chakras in the Western world. Reiki training gives you a full understanding of the energetic bodies you possess, where they are located and how they function. The distance learning teaches you how to recognize an imbalanced or closed chakra and gives you the tools and exercises to open and maintain balance throughout your energetic bodies and aura.

Reiki can be used as a means of self-healing or to help others to heal. The treatments diminish stress, headaches, back pain, asthma, menstrual related physical and emotional conditions, sinus problems and anxiety. The desire to be healed and to learn is a key to successful treatments and distance learning. Course kits can be purchased and downloaded off the Internet so you can begin the training immediately. You will receive a professional certificate of completion at the end of each level of training.

Look for Reiki distance learning courses that offer full money back satisfaction guarantees. You can also request references from the course provider. Training that is fully accredited and certified by organizations like the Sidereus Foundation and the World Reiki Association have gone through assessments to ensure that the training meets required standards.