About Healing

The Best Crystals for Healing
By:Beth Lytle

Crystals come in many forms. Amethyst, jade, amber and other crystals have individual healing properties and can be very effective in healing both physically and emotionally. The key to crystal healing is understanding what crystal can be used for what.

Amethyst is considered to be a master healing stone by metaphysical therapists throughout the world. Amethyst both purifies and protects against negativity. It provides balance during periods of transition. The stone itself is a purplish color and relates to the heart chakra. Some amethyst stones are a bluish-red color and are said to promote a deep and spiritual connection between the inner self and life's challenges. The chevron amethyst helps peel away karmic patterns, promoting intuition and spiritual vision.

Amber is considered to be a gentle stone. It is soothing and calming. Amber can be used to uplift a negative disposition while encouraging the user to take life less seriously. Amber can also be used to promote fidelity in relationships. Practitioners consider amber to be a self-healing stone, guiding the emotions to a clearer direction. Amber can also be used for soothing emotions during post-operative care.

Jade is called the crystal of tranquility. It soothes the emotions and helps keep peace in community relations. Jade can provide a sense of self-worth, as well as self-sufficiency. It can also help the user in dealing with a situation. Overall, jade promotes harmony, balance and tranquility, through emotional detachment. For healing purposes, jade can be used for recovery after an unpleasant experience, such as divorce, a funeral or a job loss.

Cleansing is important when it comes to healing crystals. The first week that the user has the crystal is the most important, as this is the time in which the crystal will be making the most adjustments to the user's energy field. This is also the time that the matrix is being matched to the user's energy. It is the time when the user should remove blockages of energy causing any imbalances. During the early days of wearing the crystal, the user may experience something of a "healing crisis." If this happens, the inner conflict must be resolved. The crystal should be properly cleansed at least once a week.

Different practitioners use different methods to cleanse. Some people prefer the smudging method, which involves holding the crystal in white sage smoke until it is cleared. Others use "holy water" or perform a specific ritual. The type of cleansing used is for the user to decide.

Crystals and stones can be used to assist people of all ages. A self-awakening journey of crystal healing isn't always an easy task, but it is a task that should be taken seriously.