About Healing

How Does Crystal Healing Work?
By:Megan Curley

What Are Healing Crystals?
Crystals are used in healing to enhance and amplify the healing energies being used. Crystals and stones can be used on their own, in conjunction with Reiki healing or other types of therapy. These crystals are found throughout the world and range from different types of quartz crystal to jade and rubies. Clear quartz crystal is the most commonly used stone for overall healing and balancing, but many types are used for different reasons.

How Crystals Work
Crystals used in crystal healing cleanse, balance and amplify all healing energies to their highest capacity. Each crystal has its own unique properties and energies. Clear quartz, for example, balances and harmonizes your body and dispels negativity, activating positive energy within your body. Hematite is a grounding stone, which can deflect negativity as well as balance the body. These energies naturally occur in crystals and will react and then work with the energy in your body.

Healing With Crystals
Healing your body with crystals can be done in many ways. You can benefit from the healing properties of crystals just by carrying them in your pocket or holding them when you feel ill. Getting a Reiki crystal healing can heal and balance your entire body. The Reiki practitioner will place specific crystals on the chakras of the body to draw out unwanted energy and infuse the body with healing universal and Earth energy. Some massage therapists and spiritual counselors work with crystals and may be able to teach you how to work with crystals on your own.

Alternative Medicine
Crystal healing is considered a form of alternative healthcare. It is important to follow your doctor's or healthcare practitioner's advice. However, you can explore and learn about alternative types of medicine, including crystal healing, and infuse these into your life. Healing your body and mind are about balance, so take your time to learn and incorporate crystals into your life.