Spiritual Healers

UK - Northamptonshire - Northampton
Healer:Northampton National Spiritualist Church

Our Church, which is affiliated to the Spiritualists' National Union (SNU), has occupied this building for just over 40 years but has been in existence in the town for at least 105 years.

On Monday we have four Approved healers and one Trainee and on Tuesday we have two healing Diploma holders, two Approved Healers and one Trainee Healer.

All the trainees have a minimum training period of 100 weeks practical training, during that time an education course must be completed with a high pass mark. During the 100 weeks, all aspects of Spiritual Healing is taught, and again during this period the trainees must attend four review sessions, usually away from the Church. On completion of the training program and education course, the trainee will then be assessed on their ability and knowledge of Spiritual Healing at an upgrading assessment, and if successful, they will become a S.N.U. Approved Spiritual Healer.