Spiritual Healers

UK - West Sussex - Horsham
Healer:Jan Dayton, Spiritualist Healer and Medium

I have always really enjoyed listening to people, allowing them time with me to find their own answers to the problems that are bogging them down. I had already completed a Counselling and Listening Skills course, and so when I became a fully fledged Sussex Healer in November 2005, it was lovely to be able to blend the two “gifts” together.

So whether you could do with some healing, or you have something on your mind that’s bothering you, why not come and have a little bit of “healing prime time” with me - I’d love to hear from you, so why not give me a call.

Earth Energy Work - Light working:
My latest work is linked with other like-minded people who wish to help to “heal our Planet” - travelling to wherever we are feel we should go, we endeavour to give assistance to the Universe, helping to heal, cleanse and re-energise our environment as we and when we are directed.