Spiritual Healers

USA - Colorado - Boulder and Westminster
Healer:Psychic Horizons Center and the Church of Inner Light

Healers are available to help with births, deaths, surgeries, and other healing projects and transformations.

Free Healing Clinic
Stop by Psychic Horizons Center for a free aura and chakra healing. Receive some communication about what you are working on as a spirit in a body. A healing involves a balancing of the seven main chakras and a cleansing of the aura.

The aura is an energy field around the body that contains mental image pictures and bands of color. You don't have to be "sick" to get a healing. It's an energy tune up similar to getting the oil in your car changed.

A healing can be received to maintain well-being or help with an acute or chronic illness.

Also available: 30 min. private Spiritual Healings (fee).

Women's Healing Sanctuary (check website for dates)
Women, this is for you! Receive a healing and/or reading from women on an issue or concern.

Pet Readings & Healings
Receive communication and a healing for your pet (fee).