Spiritual Healers

USA - Maine - Bar Mills, and by TELEPHONE and EMAIL
Healer:Winter Robinson, MEDICAL INTUITIVE

I'm probably best known for helping medical students and faculty members (at Brown University) cultivate and integrate their intuition with their practice. Since 1983 I have done thousands of intuitive medical readings; taught numerous classes on intuition both on land, water, and with dolphins; written three books and a novel, and created a series of CD's designed to help the listener relax, image, heal themselves, and create.

In my "one on one" sessions, I work with individuals experiencing many different types of spiritual emergencies and/or looking for help beyond traditional psychotherapy. For example, one or more of the following topics may bring a client to work with me:

- a crisis in health
- a desire to use imagery as complimentary medicine, or
- wanting to understand what their body is telling them
- willingness to expand their awareness/consciousness
- curiosity about discovering/developing intuition personally and professionally
- a desire for personal empowerment
- a need to live sustainably on the planet
- a questioning/seeking of life purpose
- being in a place of change and transition

I offer: In-office Sessions, Email Sessions, Telephone Sessions and 3-day, Over-night Programs.