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Online Reiki Healing
Healer:Jessica Jeanne

Are you experiencing a difficult time? Receive reiki distant healing:
One of the remarkable things about Reiki is that you can have a healing treatment from a distance - all around the world.
You might have a busy schedule or maybe you are unable to physically attend a Reiki treatment.
In situations like this the Reiki Practitioner can send you healing energy remotely.
This is called a Distant Healing Treatment.

Plus: I offer spiritual coachings online via skype, if you wish to talk about any situation in your life.
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As a certified Reiki-Master in Usui Reiki, I have more than 12 years experience working in the field of energy healing and life-coaching. I also work together with the Archangels.

Distant Healings benefits include:

- Empowering Mental Well Being
- Improving Physical Energy Levels
- Reducing pain and stress, helps you relaxing
- Improving Sleep Patterns
- Boosting Confidence
- Activating the self-healing powers of your body

Jessica Jeanne