Spiritual Healers

USA - New York - Finger Lakes - Phone/Skype/In-Person
Healer:Sharon Barbell <empathsandlightbeings@earthlink.net>

An empath and hypnotherapist, Sharon Barbell has been assisting clients with personal growth for over 30 years. She is especially passionate about helping sensitives remember who they really are and why they're here. Sharon believes that when we heal ourselves, we help heal the world. Services include: heart-centered trauma therapy, psychospiritual counseling, past-life regression, spirit releasement, energy readings, and mentoring for empaths and highly sensitive people. Mentoring, spirit releasement, counseling, and energy readings can take place via phone, Skype, or in-person. Hypnotherapy, including regression, are in-person services only. Please visit Sharon's website for more information.