Spiritual Healers

Australia - Queensland - Brisbane
Healer:Keelan lewis <theroadtozion2014@gmail.com>

What i do there isnt one specific name for it. I am a Soul evolutionist, healer and much more. I have a connection to something that is beyond my own comprehension. All of my work is done by prayer like requests to the ascended masters angels and creator/source/god my work is all done only if in interest of highest and greatest good I have only recently made the decision to devote my life/career to this work as the results and effects that occur in a single session with me have consistantly left amazing and life changing effects in all that are drawn to receive what i can offer . I have only recently started to gather testimonials i have the last 3 months worth available at www.theroadtozion.webs.com/testimonials. my facebook group page is - https://www.facebook.com/TheRoadToZion2014

some of the things i offer include - - Distance healing- emotional, physical, mental, past life trauma. Soul evolutionary activation's and blockage removals (list of examples too long to mention) Ancient energy attunements - Ra-sheeba & Ka-Toth. Chakra cleansing, activating , empowering, realigning. Attachment removal (this life past life future life). Healing and realignment of the 7 bodies - astral, mental, emotional, energetic , spiritual, etheric and auric. Etheric implant removal - 7 jahovian seals, Zeta seals , Templar seals. Connecting with spirit , ascended masters, angels, the akashic records (in which confirmation of correct connection is ensured) Mahatma healing (only in extremely necessary cases). opening up the connection to channel. and more . . .

About practice - What i do is usually done via distance by phone or over facebook. I do not connect in anyway my energies with anyone else . What i do is i bring in the ascended masters and angelic beings using a prayer like detailed request for what is to be received and felt by the client. I also use sacred hebrew names of god and other powerful sacred holy names when doing the advanced and greater type of transformative work. I have found that my connection to the higher realms is even beyond my own comprehension and all that is done is only done if in highest and best good of the person receiving. The feelings sensations and energies of the request are immediately felt by the client and i closely monitor all that the client experiences as there are litterally endless levels and areas where problems or blockages may lie within us and also there's endless levels and areas to activate, attune, and connect to to evolve the soul into higher vibration existence and possibilities