Spiritual Healers

USA - California / Skype / Telephone
Healer:Joyce Markwick <jmarkwick@joycemarkwick.net>

Absent/Remote Healing-- JOYCE MARKWICK

I am an Internationally known Medium-Psychic, Spirit Artist, Spiritual Counsellor, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Specializing in Both Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Therapy.

My Natural Connection to Spirit World has also allowed me to Help those who are in need of Distant Healing for both Physical and Emotional conditions. For this type of Spiritual Healing there is never a charge for my services.

I have dedicated myself to Help and Heal as many as possible working Hand in Hand with Spirit World to achieve this service to others.

All of my Spiritual Services can easily be done either in Person, Skype, or via Telephone.

Contact me at 209-728-4816 or Email: jmarkwick@joycemarkwick.net

Also visit me at: www.joycemarkwick.net