Spiritual Healers

UK - Lincolnshire - Boston
Healer:Quintin Smith <spiritquint@aol.com>

Quintin Smith is an Award Winning Healer, Medium and Tutor who has been working as a professional light worker for over 19 years. His passion and enthusiasm for his spirit work is obvious for all to see whether it be in the classroom, on stage or during a private consultation.

Quintin has won the Award for Most Popular Holistic Healer in Wales in 2009, 2010 and the Award for Most Popular Holistic Spiritual Healer in Wales in 2011 in recognition of his work with individuals with Acute and Chronic Medical Conditions. Conditions Worked with include: Back Pain/Sciatica, Frozen Shoulders, Carpel Tunnel, Joint Pains, Arthritis, Hiatus Hernia, Tennis Elbow, Eye Complaints, Neurological Conditions/ Stroke, And Much More.

Over the years, Quintin has worked with clients from all walks of life including former Olympians, Gymnasts, Journalists, an International Rugby Player, Dancers and Stars of the Stage and Screen. He also regularly helps Children and Animals which demonstrates that his work is not Faith Healing nor subject to a “Placebo”effect. He has appeared on both Television and Radio in relation to his work.

Quintin has been a tutor at the world renowned ‘College of Psychic Studies’ in London and continues to teach Mediumship and Spiritual Healing throughout the UK and abroad. His approach to tutoring is incredibly grounded but always tinged with humour and fun. Quintin enjoys enabling all individuals to strive to achieve their best and has a natural teaching style which enhances all levels of Mediumistic and Healing ability. He believes that everyone has the ability to link with Spirit and tailors his teaching to achieve this in all his students. Further to this, Quintin thrives on demonstrating his Mediumship and Healing ability in the public domain in Churches, Theatres, Spiritual Events and other venues as well as running Spiritual Surgery and Healing clinics across Lincolnshire