Spiritual Healers

UK - Wiltshire - Salisbury
Healer:John <healme@qhht.co.uk>

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT). Using the Dolores Cannon method of Past Life regression as a vehicle to contact your "Spirit" ( I AM) and "The Source" for healing of most Physical, Mental and Emotional imbalances which manifest as disease, emotional, psychological or mental problems. This is the future of healing without drugs.

Cancers, tumours, skin disorders, Bi-Polar and other mental issues, cartilage rebuilt, heart, liver, kidney lung problems; Asthma and respiratory disorders, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome - the list is too long. If you have got it, with a few exceptions, QHHT will most likely find a solution for you. Non-invasive, gentle and just remarkable.

I also investigate Lightworker, Starseed, Indigo and Crystal Soul development and exploration of enhancing paranormal abilities (to be used only for the highest purpose) .

Strong claims, but proofs of countless healings abound as you are given audio and video recordings of your session for post healing enforcement. The power of healing is given back to you. Only one session is normally required for a lifetime of relief. if you have a chronic "incurable" problem consider a QHHT session to change your life.

With the influx of the new cosmic energies Humanity is being gifted the means to be healthy, live longer and learn about who they are and why exactly we are here.

I am happy to travel countrywide or worldwide for especially needy cases. See my website for more details.

Love, Light, and Laughter