Spiritual Healers

London - North London - Finchley
Healer:Finchley Christian Spiritualist Church

Tuesday Spiritual Healing on Tuesday "No appointment needed, just come along or just have tea and a friendly chat" and on Sunday after the Service.

Animal Healing with Experienced healers, to be held at the church on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month between 10am and 12noon, by appointment only.

Also see "Training as a Spiritual Healer" on the website of the Church: "There are many people who wish to be healers, as many feel in their hearts that they may have a gift or just wish to help another soul in need of healing or guidance. Some will feel out of step with life and at times over-sensitive to the point of tears, yet in their hearts they wish to be of service in some loving way. If this is you it may be an indication that you have not yet found your true spiritual path and that your soul is aching to express the love of spirit - whatever reason that brings you onto the path, doesn't matter though. What matters is that you try to honour yourself as this will in itself eventually bring you peace, as healing given with pure love is soul-satisfying."