Spiritual Healers

USA - Colorado - Boulder & Bangalore, India
Healer:Linda Sonnett Carlson <linda.Sonnett@gmail.com>

Author, poet, publisher of www.CirclesofSeven.com intercultural magazine, Linda Sonnett has lived and worked in the US, Britain, & CAN. (Her home base is Bangalore, India w/ time in CO). Linda is known in India with the Spiritual name of Jyotish Didi.


1. She was born in the USA into a Finnish family of generations of maternal seers, shamans and midwives. While the world has called her the “Rhyming Clairvoyant” with “angelic insights,” she prefers to have no labels, unless it is spirituality without boundaries.

2. Since 1992 this unique internationally recognized “rhyming clairvoyant,” has been one of the USA’s recognized sensitives. Inheriting the rare gift of rhyme like ancient seers in Finland, few have this gift today. She teaches intuition, based on Spiritual Values, and has worked as an intuitive, medical intuitive and transpersonal seer world wide.

3. Linda Sonnett Carlson was protégée to of one of the USA’s most famous and finest mediums, Eleanor (Eursula) Royse of Chicago, Illinois (as noted in the book, Psychic City Chicago by Brad Steiger), and worked exclusively one on one with her.

4. Linda has travelled extensively; speaking, lecturing, and demonstrating her gifts of angelic rhyme from Boulder to Bangalore, Calgary to Cornwall, NY, Chicago, & beyond.

5. She has guest appeared on over 400 hours of international radio and TV including BBC in England, Toronto, Canada’s Jane Hawtin Live, USA Coast-to-Coast, and world wide; as well as having a one hr. a week on Merced, CA radio, Hot 104 for 4 years.