Spiritual Healers

UK - Cambridgeshire - Cambridge area
Healer:John Crowther <jecrowther@gmail.com>

Those of us who are privileged to be able to work as a channel for healing energy from the Spirit realms are pleased to be able to offer our time and services to those who are in need.

To those who see us as “Faith Healers”, it should be made clear that this is not the case; “Spiritual Healing” is not dependent upon faith. Horses and dogs do not have 'faith', as far as I know, yet they receive the healing energy in exactly the same way as do humans.

Gordon Higginson, President of the SNU for many years, wrote in his autobiography, if I remember rightly, "Miracles are a one off experience...healing always works". It might not always produce the results that you would like or expect but, because of what it is and whence it comes, it cannot fail. Nevertheless, we never claim to cure and we never give any guarantees because such is not our prerogative.

I trained as a Healer at Cambridge Spiritualist Church - cambridgespiritualchurch.co.uk - where I served on the committee for four years and I was upgraded to Approved by the SNU in 2009. I have been working as a healer there every Sunday and Wednesday (barring holidays etc) ever since; also, I visit people in their own homes for healing and I have organised Animal Healing days at CSC.

I am a member of The International Healing Fellowship - tihf.org.uk - and I am secretary of the Cambridge Branch of the ISM - ism.org.uk - where I play an active part in the organising of our Evenings of Mediumship that we hold in Myers Hall at Cambridge Spiritualist Church on the first Thursday of each month.