Spiritual Healers

USA - Virginia
Healer:Joanne <joanne@feelthevibes.org>

Intuitive Healer & Author

Joanne works closely with the Angelic Realm and helps others to establish a good connection with the angels. Joanne is an expert in psychic communication skills and can teach people to spiritually, see, hear and sense the angels around them. Joanne loves to help her students, clients and the readers of her books to form a personal connection to their very own guardian angel.

Joanne is passionate about healing and has developed her intuitive abilities to clairvoyantly see any disturbances within the aura and chakras Ė the bodyís energy systems. Joanne has an affinity with colors and uses colored ribbons to perform a psychic healing analysis on a personís energy field. This process can help her to establish the blockages a client has and is currently going through. Joanne also uses tarot cards to gain insight into a personís circumstances so that she can give psychic guidance on creating a happier and healthier future. Joanne is also able to pass on spirit messages to help others heal in their daily lives.

If you are feeling out of sorts, depressed, or have any aches, pains or any kind of illness, then you may benefit from intuitive healing and energy medicine. Intuitive healing can help you to locate, understand and know deep within you what it is you need to address and work on to relieve any physical symptoms you have. Energy medicine such as Reiki healing or EFT can then help to heal the emotional blockages within you so that healing can occur.