Spiritual Healers

USA - California - Los Angeles
Healer:Joye Peters <tvhealingarts@gmail.com>

We offer over 20 years of Native American and alternative healing. We provide you with the understanding and tools to help prevent your ailments or problems from recurring. Empower yourself and unlock your own potential. We all deal with life's traumas and problems.

Joye Peters is a Shamanic Coach and she’s refined a program of LIFE improvement that can benefit anyone.

"Joye performed energy extractions on me in two sessions that have changed my life. Within a few days after each session I felt a lightness of being and joy that I had never experienced before. As I have integrated this new lightness, I feel freed up to pursue my path in ways that I was not able to before. Joye is an amazing and talented energy healer." (Tim Daulter - Northridge, Ca.)

What do you suffer from?

Lack of motivation
Constant bad luck
Fear and misfortune
Physical Illness
Suicidal tendencies

It's all about breaking the patterns that create negativity in our lives.

Take control of your life
Reach your fullest potential
Shed the heavy weight, stress, and burdens you’ve been carrying

Visit our website and sign up for a free session. Let us help you empower yourself.