Spiritual Healers

UK - Cheshire - Wilmslow
Healer:Peter Bloch <peter@bloch-healing.co.uk>

Peter Bloch is a teacher and healer of more than 25 years' experience, based in Wilmslow, Cheshire (near Manchester Airport).

Bloch Healing is a unique form of hands-on healing that is a sensitive, intelligent and powerful way to enhance your physical and psychological health.

It is a 'person-centred' approach to healing based on the therapeutic principles of honesty, respect, empathy and trust in each individual's capacity to heal. Bloch Healing is based on long established, well researched and highly effective principles.

Bloch Healing helps people to access and to trust in their own values and priorities. Clients find themselves able to connect more easily to what they really think, feel and want, and able to make fuller connections with other people and with the world in general. They find themselves more able to make choices that improve the quality of their lives and they become more open to change. This can lead to remarkable improvements in health, both mental and physical.

Bloch Healing addresses some of the most fundamental causes of human suffering, and because of this it can help a wide range of people. Bloch Healing is underpinned by evidence-based principles and practice.

There is much more information available on the website, including FAQs about sessions and testimonials from clients, photographs of the practice rooms, and a link to another website with detailed information about the principles and practice of Bloch Healing.