Spiritual Healers

UK - Kent - Faversham
Healer:Ian Broadmore <ian@ianbroadmore.com>

Hi thank you and welcome to my page I am a respected Psychic reader and energy healer with over 25 years experience.

My psychic experiences began in childhood when I used to see and hear things including lights and auras. My mother was herself extremely clairvoyant and gifted and used to read the "leaves" and practice automatic writing,this gift has passed on to me.

I am very fortunate as I am a naturally gifted energy healer, intuitive and gentle in my approach. I worked for a number of years in Harley Street in my own private clinic offering Hypnotherapy, this lead me on a voyage of discovery to the power of the mind. I later utilised this knowledge in healing the mind, body and spirit.

I have been able to "read" tarot cards since an early age as I have an intuitive ability to pick things up from it, the Tarot is a tool of transformation and focus and by using it I can pick up things about the sitter that are outside the realm of everyday consciousness.

I have read for all sorts of people on all sorts of subjects from a professional boxer seeking help to a prominent businessman asking for advice n a business deal to questions on relationships, money and general health.

I used to be a professional magician and Skeptic to all things psychic until I had my own awakening, I know there are a lot of fakes out there and a lot of skeptics. I personally used to be this way but after a business failure, marriage break up and God knows what else was thrown my way I found it triggered something in my psyche and I discovered I could pick up hidden information about and from people just by meditating on them. Believe me I was skeptical at first until I relayed this back to the people I was meditating on usually to "how on earth did you know that!" from them in total surprise.

I am used to trickery and the devious ways of magicians, fakes, scam artists and cold readers and I assure you with 100% honesty I use none of these methods.What you see is what you get, I am direct and to the point. I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, no psychic/sensitive can, but I guarantee 100% honesty in any reading or work.

I am direct and honest and tell you what I see not what you want to hear, I use the tarot as a useful tool to focus upon but it is not essential in a reading, its just a focus point that uses archetypes as a symbolic representation of lifes journey.

If you visit any psychic or medium you should always use your own free will to make any life decisions.

I offer energy healing either hands on in Faversham, or absently worldwide.

May light fill your life with love and happiness