Spiritual Healers

USA - Massachusetts - Newburyport
Healer:Joan Hardy

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What is spontaneous healing?

We are gifted with this loving energy called Spontaneous Healing that has no boundaries; only eternal and everlasting love. As we learn to focus and give more attention to this energy, our powers of perception and awareness grow.

Through a heightened awareness we are invited to receive an endless flow of pure love through Spontaneous Healing. We are treated with gentle patience as we move towards our mastery to this new enlightenment.

As we learn to walk into our self-mastery with the Divine, we receive endless protection and continual guidance from Mary Magdalena, all the Great Masters and the loving presence of Angel Light.

How does spontaneous healing work?

Spontaneous healing is an energy that can be given in person or by distance. When it is given in person the energy flows from the healer to the receiver through the hands, the energetic body, and the spoken word. When the energy is given through a distance connection, it can be received powerfully through the thought-intention of the healer.
Once you have received Spontaneous Healing it continues to grow within you, especially when you work with the daily meditation routine of Spontaneous Healing. As soon as you receive this energy you can immediately give it to others. There is no effort or work when giving or receiving this energy; it is an endless, eternal flow of love.

How can Spontaneous Healing change your life?

Spontaneous Healing energy immediately removes layers of unneeded energy from your physical and energetic bodies. Your body will feel lighter, healthier and you will attract healthier, wiser choices and situations into your life. As this healing occurs, the cells of your physical body will start to return to a state of perfect harmony, eliminating disease of all kinds, including emotional and mental illness.

As you focus more attention to this healing energy you will be more aware of the spiritual world and will be able to communicate easily with your personal guidance and the angelic realm.

Through the process of becoming a lighter, energetic being, you will be capable of sending healing energy to others through your focus upon Spontaneous Healing. You will be able to give this energy to your children, family, friends and all those you would like to help. The more healing energy you give out, the more you personally receive, making it possible to receive endless abundances of all kinds.

As you carry more of this loving energy, it becomes easier to let go of painful situations, to forgive yourself and others and to release all fears and suffering. As you become more aware, and your heart more open, you walk into a new territory of self-discovery that brings you to joyful awakening....