Spiritual Healers

UK - Devon - Newton Abbot
Healer:Evelina Bird <evelinabird@live.com>

I have been a Holistic Practitioner for the last ten years. I look at the"whole person" in order to make an complete evaluation to gain an insight into the well-being of an individual and I work with different therapies and techniques.

Clients have seen me for the following ailments and problems:
Shoulder, back & neck pain, headaches, stomach and respiratory problems, menopause, asthma, infertility, stress and many other problems.

Soft tissue and inner manipulation, etheric & body. The early stages of aliments and problems.

I use a holistic combination of mind, soul, spirit and energy therapies:

Clinical Nutrition, Complete Mind Therapy,Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki, Seichim, Egyptian Cartouche, Zekhrim and Spiritual needs.

I am based in the centre of Newton Abbot, Devon. I offer a free consultation and I charge 25 for a session, which may contain a combination of the above techniques.

Many of our discomforts or pains are often symptoms of an imbalance. The imbalance may be a physical issue, due to stress, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise or sleep.

This may even be mental, emotional or spiritual related. Often physical illnesses are the symptoms of a greater imbalance that may or may not have a root cause in the physical.