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Healer:Shaman Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song - Sacred Peace Center

Mayan Shamanic Soul Retrieval Limpias

Break the chain of suffering IMMEDIATELY! Soul Healing Limpias assist with the following...
- Release negative karmas
- Removal of addictions
- Relationship issues
- Prosperity blessings & protection
- Children's behavioral problems
- Mental health problems
- Physical health problems
- Dissolve generational curses
- Open third eye wisdom
- Dissolve meditation obstacles
- Balance chakras
- Raise kundalini power
- Connect with your guides & angels
- and more...

Soul Retrieval Limpias with Peace Mother are available as:
- Online Limpia sessions - pre-recorded Mayan Limpia Prayers, accessed online (approx. 35 mins per session)
- Phone sessions (approx. 1 hour per session)
- Remote healings (submit your prayer request and a picture, which will be prayed over.)
- Group Healing sessions - with prayers and energy work done over all attendees at the same time. There will obviously be less time available for each individual's questions and instruction.

The Sacred Peace Center is a tax-exempt non-profit organization, founded by International Peace Shaman, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, whose mission is to awaken the bliss, ecstasy, Peace and healing power within the human spirit. We provide Shamanic and yogic training based to empower you in living each day the Sacred Way and activate the Light within you so you can triumph over obstacles, align with your Spirit Guides and reach your Highest Destiny!

Peace Mother is author of soul-strengthening books, "The Impeccable Warrior of Light" and "The Shamanic Art of Self Healing" and has recorded many mantra CDs for Spiritual Protection, Devotion, Prosperity and Healing and is gifted with the highest degree of healing sound. A descendant of the Maya and Huichol Native Traditions, Peace Mother was trained in Shamanic Mayan Soul Retrieval Limpias and Sacred Ceremony

Peace Mother's Teachings help us create inner and outer Harmony. Calling upon the many traditions on Mother Earth to come together and work in Unity, She re-minds the world that all genuine paths lead to the Sacred Temple of the Heart!

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