Spiritual Healers

USA - Florida - By TELEPHONE

Jan Meryl is a Medical Intuitive, Psychic Consultant, Alternative Mind, Body, Spirit, Health & Wellness Coach & Spiritual Growth Coach.

Learn the underlying, medical intuitive energy field reasons why your body is creating diseases such as cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease, IBS, arthritis, back pains, gum disease, heart disease, headaches, carpel tunnel syndrome, depression, the need for surgery, etc.

Medical Intuitive, Holistic Health Energy Field Phone Readings & Channeled Q & A Telephone Sessions include:
- Medical Intuition: Holistic, Energy Field Health Scans & Healing
- Intuitive Channeling from Angels & Spirit Guides
- Spirit Communication (Psychic Medium for dearly departed)
- Animal Communication
- Answering your Questions
- Spiritual Growth Guidance

Also: Spiritual Regression, Life Between Lives (LBL) & Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

About Jan:
Jan Meryl has been doing professional intuitive readings for a world wide clientele for more than 19 years and hypnotic regressions for 16 years. Jan is the author of the book ENERGY 101: The Key to Understanding Holistic Health. She is the host and producer of the alternative health radio show, "Tuning IN." She has an M.F.A. Degree (Phi Kappa Phi) from Florida State University and has exhibited her paintings throughout the state of Florida. Jan has also taught painting and design classes at the Ringling School of Art and Design and Florida State University.