Self-Realization Author Guy Finley Answers Your Questions

Painful Past
By:Guy Finley
Date: 28 March 2017

Question: What is it in me that wants to re-live painful moments from my past, and what's it going to take for me to break through to totally present living? Is there a way to live in the present so that painful regrets over what is past will not be part of my future?

Answer: In order to let go of any painful past condition -- so there is never again a moment where regret or sorrow is pulling us down -- we must allow every movement, each unexpected event encountered, every thought and feeling - no matter its character -- to have its own life. If we will attempt to view life from this new and higher understanding - that everything under the sun, from thoughts to thunder, has its own birth, life and death -- then one day we will come to the relief-filled realization that the reason any part of our painful past persists is because there is something in us that won't let it die out naturally. Any lingering sadness is an unnatural life-form kept breathing by the false self's reluctance to let it go.

Every present moment is always new, and new is always right now. Now is constantly shedding the old. You need only observe any living system to see the beauty and significance of starting over -- over and over and over. If anything in life fails to shed the old, it quickly stagnates. A spring that stops replenishing its new waters soon turns dank and sour. This powerful principle is never so true as when it pertains to human life. It is a scientific fact that the you who is reading this sentence right now will not be the same you that finishes it!

If you could realize and enter into that true quality of life where there is an entirely New You every moment, it would mean that with every single heartbeat you would be free from any possible heartache that might have preceded it. In this New Life, every relationship begins for the first time over and over again. Every discouragement is over right now. Every challenge, every difficulty is shouldered only in its time and is never carried forward or looked back upon with regret.

The wondrous promise of Truth is that if you would only persist in this type of questioning about what it is within you that keeps you from living in the present, nothing in the universe can stop you from leaving the painful past behind and breaking through to a New You.