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Re: Intent and Self-Realization
By:Guy Finley
Date: 15 March 2017
In Response To: Intent and Self-Realization (Candle light thinker)

It isn't through “intent” alone that we choose the right path, the upper road that leads to our rebirth.

Having a right intention serves as a tool of revelation, where we start being able to see (because of our intent) where other parts of us have no interest in expressing whatever rightness we intend to instrument.

This new awareness actually chooses for us, because by its “light” we can discern what’s in line with our highest Good, and what’s not.

So intent is not “bigger” than love, rather it is Love that creates (in us) the initial wish, and then the intention to serve what is True and Timeless.

In this manner, we gradually become a conscious instrument capable of enacting (loving) will of what is Divine.

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