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Intent and Self-Realization
By:Candle light thinker
Date: 15 March 2017

Hi! I would appreciate your feedback on the following, if you did not mind, because you are a deep thinker about self-realization that I respect. My question is a bit disorganized precisely because I need to better integrate some concepts of self-realization in order to make them trickle down better to my daily life. I read with pleasure your most recent article where my favorite 2 sentences are "Now that we know negative events are not powerful in themselves, we can turn away from what we perceive as permanent punishment toward what can be called permanent pleasure. This is the same thing as turning toward Truth." I read a couple of your other articles a few weeks ago as well. In my own words, what I gather from your writing so far is: Our power to chose. Intent. We chose our state of mind and by doing so, we chose our destiny.

Do I understand you well, i.e. if I was to summarize your writing in one word, would that word be: Intent?

I read somewhere that the Big Bang was simply an act of intent to create a universe. That would put intent at the core of everything that exists.

Of course, most spiritual books are about love. Love is an end in itself as all who meditate seriously know. Because I can chose to feel love or not to feel love, I would say, in my narrow view of myself at least, that my choice (whether or not to chose love) is above love.... Also, what I have read about some angels annoys me (frankly they get on my nerves): Some angels can only love, they have no will power, they cannot chose, they don't have intent, the only thing they can do is love. I feel there must be a little more than love to the universe (maybe/probably because I have not felt love strongly enough yet). If we eliminate all correlation between intent and our narrow ego (ego being, I believe, a survival tool and nothing more although it's a crucial one on earth), i.e. if we try to conceptualize intent in its purest form: Do you consider that intent is different than love, is it a choice that is above love?

I think in the old christian mythology, intent is represented by Lucifer, and by the fall from grace of Adam and Eve, probably because the old "powers-that-be" felt threatened by people who can use intent. Personally, the more I learn to use intent, the less I need external mythologies (so I can relate to Lucifer slamming the door of Paradise :o) and the more I get what I need from the Universe. So, intent is a big thing in my daily life. And I feel more comfortable when I meditate seeing myself as a spirit who has some control of intent than as a spirit who feels love (back to those annoying angels again).

In the Spirit World, we experience love. But we chose to leave it behind for a while, and we chose to come to earth in order to develop our intent, in order to chose who we are, in order to self-realize. So, in the big picture, is intent only a tool? Or is it an organizing force that allows love and hate to exist (Blake's The Tiger: "Did He who made the lamb make thee?")? Is intent bigger than love? What is your take on it?

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