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Re: "Him"?
Date: 23 January 2017
In Response To: "Him"? (She)

Thank you for your question and concerns here; it opens the door to a very important "sticking" point along the upper path.

First, it isn't the image of a "male" God that blocks the Way, anymore than a postcard of a boulder can stop a person from stepping over it.

The real issue, for all who seek the Divine, is our unseen attachment to images and other culturally oriented beliefs. When these "objects" of thought get stuck in the mind and heart of a fledgling soul, they are like real boulders, weighing down our possibility of transcending socially conditioned ideals.

God, the Divine, does not play politics, and is an "equal opportunity" Beloved seeking Him/Her Self in all who love being in its Presence. So, in a word, don't get caught in words... that's all they are, and they belong to a world of passing time where billions are in conflict precisely because of being identified with one word over another. It's helpful to remember that in the original Aramaic writings, in the Old testament, the word for God was Elohim; celestial characters, divine powers and principles that are neither distinctly male nor female in gender, however are generally considered as a blend of forces. ~ Guy Finley

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