Self-Realization Author Guy Finley Answers Your Questions

Date: 23 January 2017

I just read your last reply where you refer to god as male: "Prayer is not about asking for things from God, but first to be with Him, then in Him."

I am aware that when we are in communion with god, we don't care too much about the details, but my problem is that I can't get there with this father image blocking my way, locking the doors of my soul. I was part of one of the Women's Marches of January 21 (my clothing is still wet, hanging over the bath tub) and frankly I have enough with the father image for now or maybe even for the next few years.

I know that many Hindu gods are goddesses. I used to be a follower of Yogananda and he refers to god as "heavenly mother".

Like another poster wrote, I find your thoughts enriching and calming. I find peace while slowly reading your articles. But this "Him" thing is really, really bothering me. Do you really mean "Him" or do you open the door to a sex-less god?

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