Great Spiritualists and Friends

Cummins, Geraldine (1890 – 1968): Irish Automatic Writing Medium
Institution / Country:Ireland

Geraldine Cummins of Dublin, Ireland, may have been the most accomplished automatist of the 20th Century. Between 1928 and 1950, she produced six books known collectively as the The Scripts of Cleophas, which deal with the rise of Christianity during the first century A.D.

According to Beatrice Gibbes, Cummins’ friend and assistant, Cummins would sit at a table, cover her eyes with her left hand and concentrate on “stillness.” She would then fall into a light trance or dream state. Her hand would then begin to write. Usually, Astor, her spirit control, would make some introductory remarks and announce that another entity was waiting to speak. Gibbes would sit beside Cummins and remove each sheet of paper as it was filled. GC’s hand was quickly lifted by Gibbes to the top of the new page, and the writing would continue without break. The handwriting most often changed to that identified with the communicating spirit when alive.

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Text and photo of Geraldine Cummins courtesy of Michael Tymn, author of The Articulate Dead where Michael examines several of the best mediums of yesteryear and the scientific research surrounding them.