Great Spiritualists and Friends

Gröning, Bruno (Danzig, May 30, 1906 — Paris, January 26, 1959)
Institution / Country:Germany

From the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends:

In 1949 the name Bruno Groening became a household word in Germany overnight. Reports about him appeared in the press, in newsreels and on the radio. Events surrounding the "Miracle Doctor" as he soon came to be called, kept the whole country in suspense. A film was made about him, scientific investigation committees were set up and government authorities at the highest level gave the case of Bruno Groening their attention.

The case was violently and controversially debated by everyone at all levels of society. Emotions ran high. Clergymen, physicians, journalists, politicians and psychologists: everyone spoke about Groening. Some considered his miraculous healings a gift of grace from a Higher Power, others, charlatanism. But the reality of the healings was confirmed by medical examinations.

Bruno Groening’s teachings explain how an individual is able to obtain new energy. To this end, the belief in goodness is as necessary a prerequisite as the will for health. The human body is constantly environed by healing waves which only have to be absorbed. According to Bruno Groening, no illness is incurable, and this fact is confirmed by the healings that have occurred and have been medically verified. These healings are spiritual and therefore independent of Bruno Groening’s physical presence.

Photo Source: Bruno Groening Circle of Friends