Great Spiritualists and Friends

Roberts, Estelle (May 10, 1889 - May 1970)
Institution / Country:England

From Stephen O'Brien:

All those who properly understand and appreciate the gift of mediumship agree that Britain produced an outstanding all-round medium in the 20th-Century: Mrs Estelle Roberts. She displayed a wide variety of the gifts of the spirit, including mental mediumship, physical materialisation, direct-voice phenomena and remarkable healing powers.

The remarkable autobiography of Estelle Roberts is called "Fifty Years a Medium" (Corgi Books 1975).


From Wikipedia:
Estelle Roberts was a British Spiritualist Medium who helped in gaining official recognition from the British government for the spiritualist movement during the 1950s. It was during this time that she was allowed to display her alleged mediumistic abilities before the House of Commons. She is regarded by the British Spiritualist Movement as one of its finest exponents of mediumship in the 20th Century. She demonstrated both physical and mental mediumship, and the teachings of her guide, a native American Indian, known as Red Cloud, have been published. She filled the Royal Albert hall in London on over a score of occasions, and she also toured the UK giving demonstrations of her exceptional mediumistic gifts to many thousands of people.

Photo: Stephen O'Brien's site