Great Spiritualists and Friends

Xavier, Chico (Pedro Leopoldo, Brazil, April 2, 1910 - Uberaba, Brazil, June 30, 2002)
Institution / Country:Brazil

Perhaps the most known medium in Brazil, Chico Xavier wrote (via psychography, see pic) numerous best-selling books including "2,000 Years Ago" and "Paul and Steven", as dictated by spirits such as Emmanuel. He devoted himself to the assistance of the poor and donated all the proceeds of his books to charity, never charging for spiritual assistance. Through his mediumship Chico Xavier brought peace to suffering families, by writing messages from the spirits of their loved ones, inclusive in foreign languages unknown to him.

Two-hour movie on youtube called "The history of the Brazilian medium Francisco Cāndido Xavier", with English subtitles (the "CC" icon will open a choice of captions in 4 languages including English).